Friday Find: The Only Prescription Is More Cowbell

The summer games are upon us, and I cannot get enough. I've still got Five Ring Fever (v. contagious) like crazy.

Double-fisting my #rio2016 coverage with my two favorite sports. I love, love, love the summer #Olympics! (USA! USA!)

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Rio 2016? Rio 2016! Simone Biles is showing us all who's boss! Michael Phelps is being Michael Phelps! Leslie Jones is going ham (language may not be SFW, but it's worth experiencing her infectious spirit) and everyone loves it! The pools are turning green and the man behind the curtain claims it's fine! And we haven't even gotten to track & field events yet!

I'm in a Facebook group to chat about the Olympics (of course I am), and I'm following all of the happenings on social media. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are some of my favorite moments and memes so far. 

Variations of this tweet that I've seen all over and can't stop chuckling about. I volunteer to do the uneven bars so that we can all witness the HANG IN THERE kitten poster come to life.

These recaps on Elle's site are somehow both delightfully asinine and perfectly poignant.

This infographic showing Rio by the numbers, and covering a variety of topics, from kilometers of fencing used, to reported cases of Zika, to tons of dead fish removed from the lagoon where rowing and other water sports will take place.

There's been so much good stuff flying around the internet that my weekly Friday fun post can hardly capture it all—I'm sharing more over on Twitter if you want to keep up, or come share yours!