I've written and fine-tuned marketing copy for emails, direct mail campaigns, press releases, flyers, inserts, product blurbs, and more. 

I've looked at data from those campaigns and tried something new. 

I've learned how to think like a customer, and how a few words can change the response you get. 

I've done this for a variety of audiences, from those buying National Geographic Traveler magazine, to those buying handmade soaps, to those buying children's books, toys, and magazines. 

All of my professional roles have held an element of Cruise Director: wrangling people at all levels - direct reports, senior management, customers, internal and external vendors - and knowing how to adapt my message to ensure we all remained on target. That aspect of communication - of figuring out how to talk to people and where to meet them - is something that I've always enjoyed, and it goes hand in hand with marketing and copywriting. 

Know your message; know who you're talking to. 

Say it like you mean it. 

My joy and skill lie in striking the balance between seeing the big picture and tending to the small details. Never losing sight of the end goal, while finding exactly the right word to squeeze into that one precious line of copy. 

I've always wished I could do more writing as part of my regular work. My enjoyment of it drove me to pursue it in my spare time, marketing my own handmade natural soaps, and writing for a food blog. 

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