I work closely with AcKnowledge Regulatory Strategies, a regulatory affairs consulting firm that helps bring medical devices to market via the FDA. I educate and advise the principal consultant on marketing basics, especially social media, blogging, and Google Analytics. We devise concise, compliant, targeted blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter content to build a strong brand presence, drive traffic, and (of course) increase business.

You can view the blog here, and some samples with comments are below. There is a robust content schedule, including a feature called Med Device Monday, which highlights lesser-known medical devices and common issues and trends in the industry, and ties in well to longform posts.

Samples of Twitter and blog content are below.

Medical devices can be complicated. It helps to start with the problem and pivot to the solution the device provides, like in this post about a device to treat cluster headaches:

acknowledge regulatory strategies blog

Preview of another post taking a similar approach:

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 7.28.26 PM.png

This blog post capitalized on a relevant social media post that was making the rounds. It dovetailed nicely with our Med Device Monday feature. Click through to see the whole post, but here's a taste:

This post is another favorite: we were able to produce a comprehensive post about a new medical device that tied in nicely to a recent longform post, despite the manufacturer not revealing much information about the device: