Friday Find: Five Ring Fever

Oh, the Olympics. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS ALL CAPS. The opening ceremonies! The pageantry! Memories of the ceremonies as a kid! An excuse to eat foods of the host country! Bob Costas and his wonky eye! Join me in enjoying a few Olympic-y things in the lead-up to the opening ceremonies next week.

1) I shared this video on my Twitter page, but it bears sharing again. It features so many things I care deeply about—an infectious beat, dancing, diversity of body types, silliness.

2) This will be my first Olympics as a rower! I'm so excited to keep tabs on rowing in Rio, and in order to warm up and really reinforce your appreciation of it, I highly recommend this video. (You know I love James Corden.)

3) Gotta give a shout to my all-time favorite Olympic sport, number one in my heart forever, gymnastics. I will never forget the 1996 team. Also known as the original #SquadGoals.

God bless you, YouTube.

The repeated references to the athletes on the team as "little girls" is a bit creepy, IMO, so heads up.

I was 11 years old for the 1992 Olympics, and I spent the duration practicing my handstands in the living room and round offs and back walkovers and aerial cartwheels outside and wishing fervently that I could somehow turn into Kim Zmeskal or Shannon Miller (those scrunchies) or Dominique Dawes.

4) And finally, GIFs. I love GIFs. Such an important part of my personal brand. Twitter's Giphy keyboard has some great Olympic choices right now.

PS - Remember when I said that I'd tell you how you can get me to make you that mushroom goat cheese pasta? Well, I'm sad to say I have to miss the opening ceremonies next week, but glad to say I have to miss the opening ceremonies next week for a fantastic event I've been working on—and you're invited. Come join us at my rowing club (bringing it full circle) for a wine tasting and food pairing! I will, indeed, be making that pasta. Tickets are here. It promises to be a wonderful event, and I hope to see you there!