Friday Find: Happy Halloween!

I mentioned last week that I enjoy kids in Halloween costumes. I also enjoy a good pet costume, which is why last year I bought my big beefy nephew-dog something from the Target pet section labeled "Christmas Cocktail Dress". I think my brother is still really pleased about it.

FYI, the only thing that beats an enormous dog wearing a Christmas Cocktail Dress, is watching an enormous dog wearing a Christmas Cocktail Dress, while your 96 year old grandmother enthusiastically feeds him her Christmas morning omelette and thinks no one will notice. 

So anyway, have you seen any photos from the Tompkins Square dog costume competition?

Gotahmist's are here. (Hat tip to my friend Andrea for sending them to me earlier in the week!)

Some from Buzzfeed here.

And the most important one? Right here.  (Thinking about changing my twitter handle to IRAGLASS2016.)

Photo from

Photo from


Happy Halloween!


PS - A little Halloween bonus