Marketing Monday: Christmas Adverts

Seasonal marketing feels pretty lovely right now, and it's no secret that I'm a fan of all things British. During this busy week, let's enjoy some charming, feel-good Christmas adverts, as they are known in their native land. 

Every year, lots of British companies participate in what would be the equivalent of our Super Bowl commercial competition. Starting in early November, these ads swoop around social media, stirring up buzz and setting the tone for the season.

The most well-known of the annual commercial showdown (DOUBLE MEANING) is arguably John Lewis, a high-end department store. This year's was particularly lovely. (Make sure to check out #MontyThePenguin from 2014, while you're at it.)

Boots is a store I always like to duck into in the UK. It's a bit like CVS and the beauty section of Target thrown in with a bit of something extra (they even make their own lines of makeup and beauty products). And hey, Kate Middleton's been known to pop into Boots as well. Their ad(vert) this year was particularly touching.

Tesco is my favorite place to pick up my favorite British treats (Haribo and Tunnock's), and I think we can all relate to what they've put out here:

This year's Marks & Spencer choice isn't quite doing it for me, but they can't all be our favorite, and this one is ranking quite well.

If you're a Wes Anderson fan, you can't miss this short film he directed for H&M starring Adrien Brody. 

This Heathrow ad is quite a charmer.

Saving the best for last, and cheatin' while I do: Mog stole my heart last year in Sainsbury's ad, and so I'm including her here. Mog is a beloved children's book character in the UK, and this was her film debut.

(Fun fact for my American readers: "mog" or "moggie" are British terms for a cat without a pedigree or not of a known breed. If you rescue a cat from the pound and have no idea what kind of cat it is, you've got yourself a mog.)

Sainsbury's ad this year is also nice, but it will never be Mog. That said, I love that Sainsbury's chooses a charity to support with their campaign each year, and that their ads are subtly but perfectly related. Mog helped with Save the Children to support children's literacy, and Dave the singing Dad is helping the Great Ormond Street Hospital for children. Per UK Fundraising, "All profits from the sale of the specially created Gingerbread ‘Dave’ (£1) and The Greatest Gift film animation kit (£5) will go to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity." The charity is making it possible for parents to stay near their sick children while they're in the hospital.

Check out the behind-the-scenes videos as well: I enjoy them almost as much as the ads themselves. 2015, 2016.