Friday Find: Mofongo

Another New England Friday Find?! 

This week, Red Sox fans all over saw one of the all-time greats play his last game. David Ortiz–better known as Big Papi–walked off the field at Fenway forever. The Sox unfortunately lost, but it matters not. For me, Papi has been synonymous with the Sox for the past 13+ years. I remember in college I started paying more attention to the Sox, going to at least one game every year, and once I was able, going to bars around Fenway when I didn't have a ticket to get in. Perhaps it's no coincidence that it was around the same time that the Sox began their record-shattering sellout streak.  The Red Sox were hot, and being young in Boston to live it was a once in a lifetime experience. 

Big Papi was inseparable from all of that and continued to be the best of Boston long after I left the northeast (I generally keep it clean here, but who among us could forget the magnificent F-bomb he dropped at the game after the marathon bombings?). The only Sox shirt I've ever owned is number 34. So when Papi started showing up on SNL's Weekend Update, I was delighted. Surprised (he can't be that well known to SNL's broad audience, can he?), but delighted. I think these sketches work because he imitates Papi so well, but also because they're funny independent of whether you're familiar with everyone's favorite slugger. 

My husband and I quote these sketches all the time. (Biiiiiig lunch. Mofongo.)

We love you, Papi!