Friday Find: Warming my Cold New England Cockles

It's no secret around here that I'm originally from New England. This means I'm contractually obliged to be a New England sports fan. And by contractually, I mean there's a blood oath which, I assume, breaking is punishable by death. At the very least, definitely by disownment.

If you're also from New England and you are on Facebook, I'm sure you've already seen the video below.

If you're not, you might appreciate it anyway. Not that I care if you do. (Oops, sorry, my Bostonian popped out.)

The pride of our city, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, got together with the other pride of our city, Tom Brady, to raise money for three causes by promising every New Englander's dream: drinking beer and eating pizza with the three of them.

Omaze is running this fundraiser, and from what I can tell they're doing a bang-up job of it. They buried the lede a bit, in my opinion, but then again maybe they didn't. (It was not intuitive for me to find information on the charities it benefits. I had to Google them, but could only find out about two of them, because I couldn't decipher the logo of the third one. The charities were not linked on the fundraiser page. Is this somehow by design, or is it a horrible oversight?)

To find the video, I Googled "tom ben matt boston" [sic] [lazy] and look what I got back. That is one smart Google Ad: they know their audience.

The more you donate, the more prize entries you get. And look at what's up for grabs, besides the beer and pizza thing:

Again I say: SMAHT. They do indeed know their audience.

Anyway, you should watch this video, and you should also check out the fundraiser here.