Friday Find: Love Letter to San Diego

This video was sent to me by my cousin(ish)* Cait, a former San Diego resident and forever San Diego lover. It captures so much of what I love about this city and this area. A delightfully weird mix of desert, city, beach, and country that somehow, I swear it, perpetually seems to be smack dab in the middle of the golden hour.

(*I was just having this discussion with another cousin of mine. When you come from a large family, sometimes friends are incorporated into the fold and become family. Sometimes when you come from a small family, too. Really, any family. Friends can always be family. Cait's not a blood cousin, but that's the easiest and quickest explanation. Just like it's easier to call my cousin's baby my niece. Or my first cousin once removed my cousin, and not blink an eye when someone thinks she's my aunt. You still with me?)