Friday Find: Sportsball? Snacksball.

There's a football game on Sunday, maybe you've heard. 

I'm not a big football fan, you should know that right off the bat (they use bats in football, yes?). But I do enjoy the big games, and I definitely enjoy funny ads and eating snacks for dinner, especially with friends. I am, however, from New England. And what this means is that despite not being a huge fan I am also by default a diehard fan of the Celtics, Bruins, Red Sox, and Patriots. I know that doesn't make any sense, but you're just going to have to accept it. I know baseball best, but I do enjoy a big Pats game. So you know who I'm rooting for on Sunday. My grandfather was a diehard (for real though) Pats fan, and didn't live to see them win anything. That's the quintessential New England story: root for the losers, because they're YOUR losers, and maybe they'll be your losers your whole life, but that's part of the deal. 

 I know there's been much brouhaha over Deflategate. The good news is that it seems to finally have been resolved. 

Zach and I will be watching the game with friends, and while we're still deciding on exactly what apps we are making, here are some of the house-favorite, naughty, special occasion snacks:

Buffalo chicken dip. Always a huge hit. 

Photo from

Photo from

Pigs in a banket. Or as Zach calls them: meat cookies. Also always a huge hit. 

Hummus  & veggies. Because there should be some sort of nutrition consumed, I guess, and because this is my favorite hummus recipe. It's addictive. (I leave out the cumin, because cumin and I don't get along.)

Queso. (I haven't made this recipe, but it's sort of similar to the one Zach uses. American cheese! Who knew?!)

Sugar cookie bars. With red, white, blue, and silver sprinkles, obviously.

Photo from dinnersdishesanddessertscom.

Photo from dinnersdishesanddessertscom.

Who are you rooting for, and what are you making?