Friday Find: Who knew?

I have so many distinct memories of driving to High School. The feeling of freedom and excitement, the way my 1984 Celica took almost the entire freezing cold ride to school to start warming up (and the way it had no front wheel traction in the snow). Picking up my best friend, and stopping at Bess Eaton for a pumpernickel bagel and a Tank of iced coffee with approximately 112 sugars. Feeling like somehow, for about 15 minutes, that I was free as a bird. And of course that feeling was strongly assisted by my 17-year-old's penchant for blasting the radio and letting it take me away. There are a handful of songs that, to this day, bring me right back to those late 90s mornings, with an open road in front of me and a friend beside. Semisonic's Closing Time is one of them. 

Several of my friends have shared this on Facebook today, and it's completely blown my mind. Turns out it wasn't an aspirational anthem about how awesome life would be when I went away to college: in fact, it was pretty much the opposite. 

Discovered via this sweet article.

Happy Friday, friends.