Friday Find: IDK, My BFF Retta?

Parks & Rec is my forever-favorite show. In fact, it's the only show I can re-watch endlessly, and I'm always at some point mid re-watch in the series. As I write this, I am drinking coffee out of my City of Pawnee, Indiana Parks & Recreation mug. Donna Meagle, played by Retta, is one of my favorite characters on the show (and oh, they're all such well-drawn characters). Her faces/physical comedy and impeccably hilarious delivery have provided endless opportunity for quoting. (MiMOsas.) Retta herself is also a dang delight, and I follow her on social media, including (and especially) Snapchat, where she's even been gracious enough to reply to my fangirling chats. 

All of which is a long way of saying that this video of her and Seth Meyers* day drinking made me laugh so hard. It's perfect. ILU, RETTA.


*I can now only hear "Seth Meyers" in Olya Povlatsky's voice

P.S. Bonus Friday OTTERING! Otter spy cam!