Marketing Monday: What Do Copywriters Even Do, Part 2

This infographic was shared with me on Twitter last week (thanks, Leah!), and I love it.

A while back I talked about what copywriters actually do. Today I'm talking about it again! This infographic captures so well A) how and why I'm not Peggy Olson, 2) that I don't do anything with copyrighting, and D) why my business is more than just words.

Some favorite highlights include jaw-dropping stats on why content is important, the importance of data, and how digital copywriters are both left-brained and right-brained thinkers.

Image from the inforgraphic, via

Image from the inforgraphic, via

Copywriters are also often their own editors, and thus it is my obligation to warn you of a couple of typos in this infographic. We all have our flaws, though.