Marketing Monday: Resources

I have had a few conversations recently about staying plugged in to the world of content, marketing, and social, and how various people do that. As a content builder and marketer, I am always looking for recommendations for good sources, and am happy to share my own.

To that end, here are a few of my favorites, which are also captured in my Twitter Marketing list.

Mashable - Always a good resource for staying on top of everything from news to trends to tech. For instance, I was surprised to see today that Peeple (the 'Yelp for people') is back. Thanks for that depressing news, Mashable.

AdWeek - Often entertaining, always informative. Today what caught my interest was this article on Brawny's new campaign, and this one about new offline sales tracking tools for use in conjunction with Facebook ads (smart for everyone involved).

Hootsuite - Often tweets links to its content, which is often about content, to complement their app - which helps you get your content to your people and beyond. Did you get all that? Recently this article caught my eye: things brands should pay attention to about protecting their brand on social media. Not necessarily a new take, but always a good reminder.

BuzzFeed - Say what you will about listicles and quizzes regarding which Harry Potter house you'd be in (Gryffindor, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff, depending on which Sorting Hat I ask): Following BuzzFeed is an absolute must for keeping your finger on the pulse of world news, entertainment, and culture. It's a good way to get a sense of what's trending, what's hot, and what's in focus. Plus I really dig their Publisher and what she has to say about the intersection of data and content. I respect a person who respects both the data and its context.

HubSpot - Cannot overlook this one. This article is a great resource for anyone starting out in social media marketing.

And of course, Google. If ever I'm curious about a topic or an issue Google almost always has the answer. Recently I've been researching and reading up on SEO, a topic that I'm unfortunately not terribly well-versed in.

What's caught your eye lately, and what are your marketing resource go-tos?

Marketing, yo!

Marketing, yo!