Friday Find: Texas Forever

I was told for a long time that I would like Friday Night Lights, and once I started watching it those claims were proven to be 100% correct. I remember bingeing on it late at night, long after I should have been in bed, falling in love with the characters, their stories, this tiny town in Texas.

I just finished reading The Art of Fielding. I blew through it. It's about baseball in the way the FNL is about football: each sport is necessary to the story but the stories are really about the people. And for most, that's why you come and that's why you stay.

If you're a fan of FNL, I recommend this article breaking down and highlighting the top scenes from the finale; one of the best finales in tv history, in my opinion.

There's also news of a reunion.

And then, of course, there is this. If you loved the series and want a little trip down memory lane, here's your ticket.

I teared up watching this. It may be time for a re-watch.

You changed my life, coach.

Texas forever.