Marketing Monday: BOO!

Happy Halloween!

If you're at all familiar with The Ellen Show, you likely know about her penchant for scaring her guests. Occasionally a video will provide a particularly satisfying response and and make the rounds online (my perennial favorite is Taylor Swift in the bathroom). It's the kind of brand-building, go-to schtick that works perfectly: it's silly, fun, and disarms guests. It's an easy way for an audience to feel connected with celebrity guests–we all understand being startled! I personally hate being scared, but I do find this mostly charming. It's not terribly controversial. It's a little mean, but it's also in good fun and generally goes over well: getting scared by Ellen seems to be a badge of honor. And the reactions rarely disappoint. Today, on the spookiest day of the year, let's take a look at some of Ellen's best Boos.

Wishing you a fun, safe, creative, happy, candy-filled Halloween with the exact level of scariness that suits you. And if you don't want your Milky Ways, pass 'em over to me.