Friday Find: Top Gear

I neglected to mention in yesterday's post that I am also newly acquainted with - and a fast fan of - the British classic show Top Gear. It's smart and fun and funny and I previously turned my nose up at the idea of a Show About Cars, but I'm here to say I was wrong. It's so fun. And funny.

You may or may not know that physical humor is my kryptonite. If there is a particularly good moment of physical comedy in something, after the better part of a decade together my husband just automatically rewinds so I can watch it again (I'd do it myself but I'm usually laughing too hard to focus on fine motor skills). Parks & Rec is quite reliable for this. Last night this bit came up on Top Gear and I laughed so hard I cried, couldn't breathe, and had a coughing fit. Keep in mind my penchant for physical humor likely threw my reaction over the top, but I still think it's worth a watch for a Friday laugh.