Friday Find: The Pacific Crest Trail

I loved reading Wild a few years ago, when I was still safely ensconced in Virginia, without a lot of exposure to the southern California desert. I grew up and lived most of my life in the northeast, where the north to south trail of note is the Appalachian. I hadn't even heard of the PCT. 

I loved the movie. I didn't love Reese in it, but I loved the movie. The scenery, the story, the grit - literal and emotional. 

And I love this video. Someone who hiked the trail recently recorded a second every day. It's mesmerizing. Aside from the 700 miles through the parched desert, it makes me want to do it. Or maybe it makes me want to walk for a short time and see all of this in a couple hours. At the very least it's reminding me that I haven't spent enough time hiking lately.