Friday Find: Ear Candy

A few earworms around our house lately...

First, a little Dead.

Second, I love Patty Griffin. If I'd heard her song Heavenly Day earlier, I think my husband and I would've used it at our wedding. I heard it a few months later and was a little crushed to have missed out, if we're being honest. Once upon a time when I took voice lessons (last year) it was the song I most wanted to learn, and practiced. ("This is my very first love song I ever wrote in my life...I wrote it for my dog, and that's the truth.")

Though I sure do love the song we chose, even if we forgot to tell the DJ to cut it down and it ended up being 5 long awkward minutes of dancing.

But back to Patty. If you're a fan of Dar Williams or Brandi Carlile as I am, you need a little Patty in your life.

Even Kelly Clarkson would agree. I have had this performance on a loop since Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

I've been playing the Sam Cooke Pandora station while I write & work, and it's perfect for me. It occasionally plays a song that pumps me up, which is great, but in general is perfectly mellow and isn't distracting. Come on, it doesn't get better than this.

And because St. Patrick's Day (aka The Day of My People*) is coming up next week, and because my husband purchased and brined a brisket especially for the occasion then presented it to me and said "For my Irish* girl" and this made me happy, the gift of a bag of raw meat in salty liquid that would have to sit in my fridge ten days before being consumed, I'd be remiss to leave out this classic. Happy Friday, friends. 

(*American, but Irish by heritage, in case the blue eyes, freckles, and curly hair didn't give it away.)