(Not so) Friday Find: Christmas Card Scoring System

It's not Friday. 

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, on! To the Friday Find!

Many moons ago, my friend Swistle presented the world with her Christmas/Holiday card scoring system. I review it every year, and every year I nod and chuckle. It's loaded with such gems as "Card is glittery +1. Card sheds that glitter -1." and my personal favorite: "Card includes letter +5...Letter is so very braggy and saccharine-cheery, it crosses over into comical and becomes fun to read aloud in an unkind tone of voice: +2".

Here's the card we sent out this year:

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 12.12.14 PM.png

Here's how I think it rates:

+5 for being sent

+3 for being pretty (Obviously, because if it were ugly I wouldn't have chosen it.) (Or WOULD I?) (This card was, uh, not my first choice, but the layout worked best for the pictures we had to use.)

+5 for a photo

+8! for four additional photos

+1 for being either Christmassy or non-Christmassy. I think it's kind of neutral, though it does mention the new year. Still, a point there either way.

Possible loss of 1 point: "Photo was taken on beach this past summer in summer clothing, so family looks chilly against winter pattern of card: -1"

Photos here WERE taken over the summer (and this fall! A couple of weeks ago, even!) in summery settings, and we must subtract one point if it makes you feel shivery. But I'm going to go ahead and say that I don't think this is a very wintery card, nor are we actually on a beach, so we lose no points here. 

So we're looking at a final score of 22. Twenty TWO! 

From a copywriting standpoint, two things. 

1) The lack of comma after "the gift of friends" bothered me, but was not something I could change when personalizing the card. So, I had to adapt the text which I could personalize, and not use an Oxford comma there either. If you can't beat 'em....at least be consistent.

2) I didn't follow my own cardinal rule of writing things that can't be unwritten: Always sleep on it first. The next day I realized how I should've written that lower line, so as to avoid word repetition & make my point more clearly (this was a big year for us): "Here's to fun, good health, and new adventures!".  

Ah well. There's always 2015.