Accidental PB&J smoothie

Part of life returning to normal (the chaos of leaving a job, moving cross country, trying to get settled while Zach was in an intense work training program for six weeks and the whole house needed unpacking, adjusting to new jobs and new careers, no big deal) means reincorporating smoothies. I didn't realize how much I missed them until I started making them again. It's a good shot of nutrition and fruits/veg to start my day (or sometimes I have them for a snack), and if I do nothing else nutritionally right the rest of the day, at least I know I have done that. I always feel better, overall, when they're a regular part of my diet. I usually make green smoothies, which is a whole other post, but for today, here's how I accidentally made a PB&J smoothie. Nothing earth shattering, but for me a fun change. 

I was rushing around the house trying to get out the door to run some errands, when I realized my blood sugar was crashing. Which made sense since it was noon and I hadn't eaten anything. And thank god for it, because otherwise I would've found myself at the grocery store with a (not so) surprise empty stomach. Always a winning situation. (No honey, I don't know where the ice cream, Doritos, and Velveeta came from, or why they're all half gone.)

Not super attractive, but pretty tasty.

Not super attractive, but pretty tasty.


I was throwing things in the blender without thinking about it too much, because I was suddenly starving and shaking with blood sugar crash. I can't think clearly in that situation, and I knew a smoothie was the quickest way to get something healthy in me. Thus I ended up with:

A banana (creaminess)

A honeycrisp apple (tartness and body)

2 handfuls of raspberries (flavor)

2 TBS of PB2 (protein & flavor, without as much fat as regular peanut butter. I don't think fat is the devil. I think it's good and helps hold me over and is a necessary part of a meal, but I like having PB2 as an option. Regular PB would be fine too. If you do use regular PB, leave out the next ingredient which is...)

1 TBS coconut butter (nutrition & fat)

As much water as you need to get it moving in the blender, and a ton of ice. 

I also added a tablespoon and a half of hemp seeds (nutrition, creaminess), and a teaspoon and a half of diatomaceous earth (a whole other conversation), but those are optional.


Like I said, nothing ground-breaking but a happy accident nonetheless. I know I'm always looking for new smoothie combinations, so maybe you are, too. I'm drinking it while I write this out - yum!