Since moving to California in the summer of 2014, my husband and I decided to have a go at life sans cable. Between Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a few other services, we've been able to keep up just fine, at a fraction of the cost. And as a bonus, we've began bingeing on a lot of shows we've been meaning to watch. I'm keeping a list here, because I can. 

1. Orange is the New Black (I see what all the fuss is about.)

2. Downtown Abbey (I see what all the fuss is about. Absolutely love this show.)

3. House of Cards (FRANCIS.)

4. Sons of Anarchy (Took me a few episodes to get into it. It's basically Game of Thrones on bikes: violence, sex, don't get too attached to anyone. And probably the best, most heart-wrenching, satisfying ending to a series I've ever seen.)

5. Scandal (husband isn't into this, and I'm growing tired of the nonsense going on in the fourth season, but I do love this show. Smelly Mellie in sweats eating chips 4Lyfe.)

5. Parks & Rec (Watched the whole thing over from the start.)

6. Friends (I finally broke down and bought the box set for an incredible bargain on Amazon, and then a few months later it appeared on Netflix. Ah well.)

7. Currently watching Mad Men. We watched the first season back in 2008, when Netflix only came on DVDs. I'm excited to watch the entire thing, start to finish, right to the end.

8. Parenthood. (I blew through this. I am in love with the Braverman clan.)

9. Catastrophe (Oh, it's so good. I was sad the first season was over so quickly.)

10. The Good Wife (This has been my post-op recovery binge of choice.)

11. Daredevil

12. 30 Rock (From the beginning.)

13. Master of None (Aziz Ansari's new show. Highly recommend.)

14. The Great British Baking Show. (I'm sad there's only one season available!)

15. Breaking Bad (Hey, have you heard of this show? It's pretty good. I predict it will be a hit.)

16. The Great Holiday Baking Show (This does not even come close to being on the same level as the original. I don't understand how some of the people made it on. Skip it. Watch the original.) 

17. Making a Murderer (WOOF.)

18. The League

19. Parks & Rec again (Possibly my favorite show of all time.)

20. Sherlock

21. The Sopranos (My first-ever viewing. It's so 90s, so north Jersey, so good.)

22. Top Gear! So unexpectedly fun: no love of cars required.

23. That 70s Show (My first viewing. I could never get into it when it was out, but I have quickly become hooked on the first season. My assessment so far: It's a bit ahead of its time.)

24. The Americans (I love this show.)