I work with Cindy Pahr of EduCLIME LLC to write targeted blog posts and emails with rich content promoting useful, brain-engaging™ methods for helping students in the classroom. Practical tips play well with product promotion, serving strategic, well-received, authentically helpful advice where everyone wins.

I also provide general marketing advice as well for everything from flyers to website development to long-term goals.

Some examples of email copy I've written:

Welcome back, August 2016. Monthly emails offer useful free tips and ideas for the classroom, product reminders, and a chance to win a gift certificate for them. Cindy is also available for consulting, and these emails help serve as a reminder of those services as well.

For August we introduced readers to new products, and discussed why handwriting is so important for learning.

In our September email we talked about how to help kids sit still in the classroom, and reminded readers of the new products that are available.

(I do see that typo in the first paragraph, and I am suitably ashamed.)

Strategically partnered guest blog posts promote products and Cindy as a brain injury consultant. 

In the first post, a common developmental handwriting problem was addressed: letter reversals. The problem was outlined, followed by solutions–some of which focused on a unique product the client sells. Click through to read the entire post, but here are some excerpts. 

Outlining the problems:

Getting to some simple, effective, and easily implemented ideas, not all of which are focused on her product, thus keeping things accessible and helpful:

Another guest blog post stemmed from a comment on the first one, and addressed some common issues to watch for when handwriting is being learned. There was again an opportunity for product promotion, but this piece focused on common solutions like proper grip and form.