Note: Where I blog for clients, I include them under the samples of the individual project scope.

I love blogging. I have my own blog here which I hope you'll enjoy perusing! Some of my favorite posts are the Gift Guides (here, here, and here) (2016's is here). They're one of my favorite things to put together both from a hobby and personal perspective, and from a marketing perspective: not only do I get to collect and share great items, and share in the joy of helping people find perfect gifts, but writing snappy little product blurbs is one of my favorite writing assignments! I don't get paid or sponsored for these posts (yet!): I just really love doing them.

Another current favorite blog feature is Marketing Monday, especially this post on reading.

In microblogging mediums, you can get a good sense of my short form skills, social knowledge, and personality via my Instagram and Twitter feeds.

I enjoy writing book reviews, and do so on Goodreads, which I link to here, as I read each book. I'd include those book reviews as blog posts if Goodreads didn't exist, which is why I'm listing them here.

I also currently blog for my rowing club, as well as assisting with other marketing efforts.

Current blog aside, I've been part of several blogs over the years. My favorite was Food Lush, which sadly had to shutter its proverbial doors, or I'd likely still be writing for them. You might have noticed I enjoy blogging about food.

I loved a lot of things about Food Lush. Being part of a community, managing the Facebook page (before Facebook realized it could make money by throttling anything deemed a business post, even though FoodLush was just for fun), writing about anything I wanted as long as there was a tenuous link to food. I love a lot of things about food, and part of that, as it is for most of us, I'd suspect, is the sentimental attachment to food; our own personal histories, stories, memories. I wrote a lot about that there, and grew a little bit of a following from it. People enjoyed, looked forward to, shared, and commented a lot on those posts. One of my favorites is below. (Apologies for the formatting issues.) Another favorite is linked in the post below, and it's here.